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What's the Best Type of Pool Fence?

July 30, 2019

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You have finally put in the pool you've wanted for all these years, but now you need privacy and security to go with it. Discover what the best type of pool fence is for your property.

There are laws in place in most states that require a specific type of pool fence. Depending on where you live, as long as it's at least four feet tall, you get to decide whether you want a chain-link fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence, wrought iron fence, or wood fencing installed.

Comparing Types of Pool Fences

Before you decide on what kind of a pool fence you want, take into consideration what each type of material has to offer.

Chain-link Pool Fences - These are reasonably priced, easy to install, and provide a boundary between your pool and unwanted visitors. However, chain-link fences can easily be climbed over by children, so if you're worried about kids putting themselves in danger, this isn't the best pool fence for your yard. Privacy is also minimal with chain links as you can see what's going on both inside and outside the fenced-in area.

Vinyl Pool Fences - Vinyl pool fences are a bit more costly, but you can create a barrier that nobody can see or get through. It adds security, privacy, and is aesthetically pleasing with most residential home styles.

Aluminum Pool Fences - An aluminum pool fence might not be the most attractive choice. However, if you're worried about children, animals, and other intruders, it's a quick and reasonably priced option. Aluminum pool fences require little to no maintenance, and in most cases, aren't susceptible to rust.

Wrought Iron Pool Fence - A wrought iron pool fence is, without a doubt, the most durable type of fence for your pool. This material can also add elegance and value to your home. Unfortunately, if you're considering safety and privacy issues, it's not the best choice.

Wood Pool Fence - A traditional wood fence is arguably the best pool fence for most homeowners. Nobody can get in or see through your wall from the outside giving you the security and privacy that most desire when taking a dip in the backyard. Wood pool fences are affordable, and you can easily change the appearance with a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Things To Consider Before Installing a Pool Fence

Now that you know the different types of pool fence options and their positive and negative attributes, you have to look at what you want out of your fence installation. Review these factors, and then making your final selection will be much more straightforward:

  • Level of privacy and security desired
  • Cost of the pool fence installation
  • Ability to change the appearance of your pool fence

Armed with this information, you can now discuss your needs and wants for the best pool fence for your home with your preferred fence company.

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